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A great way to get in front of new customers,
an excellent way to get them through the door.

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How does it work?

Happy Days is a free to use app, available in the App Store and Google Play Store. It’s designed to be an easy way to discover local bars and venues.
The app shows useful info about local bars: photo’s, reviews,
opening hours and more. There is also a premium feature where, for €5/ week, the user gets a free consumption every day. This means they can use the app to get one drink a day at affiliated bars.
They can choose from soda, beer and coffee. When you join Happy Days and become a ‘Happy Bar’, you will appear in the app and users will have the option to spend their daily consumption at your bar.

By doing this we make it more compelling for our users
to go out and grab a drink.
And we make it easier for you to get people in the door.

Benefits for your business

More people, more traffic, more buzz

The hardest part of owning a restaurant / bar
is often to just get people in the door. We help solve this problem. Lowering the threshold for new customers and increasing the loyalty of existing ones. By giving out the first drink for free, more people will come. More people generates more buzz, more buzz means more people, and repeat. Start your upward cycle today by joining Happy Days.


Only a select amount of bars / restaurants are allowed to join for every city. This means that all Happy Days users in a given city, will go to a select amount of bars. Giving you a competitive advantage over other businesses in your region.


Use our dashboard to get insights into your bar, your audience and the behavior of your visitors.

Adding your business to Happy Days literally takes 5 minutes. Don’t like it or changed your mind? You are free to remove your business at any time. Temporary or permanently.


A: Nope! Joining the app is totally free for the horeca owners! Furthermore, you can leave any time so why not give it a try?!
A: No, no, no. Happy Days’ order possibility is limited to basic drinks: soda, regular lager beer and coffee.
A: Technically yes, but we don’t encourage our users to do so as this misses out the purpose of the concept !
A: We work with open contracts. You can leave, pause, rejoin whenever you want! We want to serve you this platform with the flexibility to your own needs.
A: Make sure you ‘Published’ your bar at ‘myplaces’ . When you do so, it takes 5 minutes and your bar should be visible on the app and website 😊
A: We provide you a small fee for each giveaway drink, you can view this log at the ‘myplaces’ at our website. By doing so we make sure your accountancy is legally covered.
A: Yes, the collected amount you’ve build up is visible at ‘myplaces’ at our website. We pay you the accrued amount after one year of membership. Should you decide to leave early however, you do voluntarily forfeit the accrued balance.
A: Yes, our payout will only be done after each year of membership.
A: Leaving after less than 1 year means you voluntarily decided to forfeit the accrued earnings. Unfortunately you will need to write off the accrued balance when doing so.
Are you a coffeebar / cafe?

Join Happy Days today and reap the benefits.

Have any questions / suggestions for us? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

How to get started

Test the effect of Happy Days on your business! Add your bar to Happy Days in 5 minutes, remove it at any time. No strings attached.


Create an Account with Happy Days.


Add your Bar. You can link your Google Business to autofill your images, opening hours, location, … This way it’s a matter of seconds.


We will review your location and verify you are the owner.


Publish your Happy Bar! When you are ready to go live, add your business to the app in just one click.


That’s it! You are now officially a Happy Bar. Sit back and watch new customers discover your bar for the first time. You can come back to the Happy Days dashboard to track your success through our insights, edit your bar’s info, unpublish and republish at any time.

Let's get you started!

Join Happy Days today and reap the benefits.